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School of Life and Wellness

School of life and wellness is a life school
that provides insight, knowledge, and skills
related to general skills and self-development
as a provision to achieve a meaningful life

No nation can prosper in life
without education

Education is a really important matter.
We are here to support your education by providing skills and expertise
that can maximize your educational outcomes in the real world

Globalization Is Not a Threat.
But, Opportunity

We offer one of our best Courses with professional tutors
from Indonesia, Spanish and English
to develop yourself in the face of Globalization

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Afraid to speak English? Poor knowledge of English? Want to be able to communicate with people abroad? Want to have an intensive group to learn English? Come and join our class
School OF Live and Wellness
You will get groups to develop your English skills, friends and mentors from within and outside the country, guaranteed your English skills & mentality will become more extraordinary

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Do you need Specialized Training support in your Community or Agency?
We facilitate training needs in the field of English, human resource development, psychology, and business for communities and or agencies.

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International Communication Class

1 Juli 2022 : 14.00 – 15.00
Jakarta, Indonesia

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International Communication Class

1 juli 2022 : 15.00 – 16.00
Jakarta, Indonesia

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"By joining the SLW class, I feel more confident in speaking English, even though I am still not fluent.. "

Tegar Dymnastiar

International Communication Class

The material is good, the presenter is very professional, learning is very fun

Danang Dwi Gusti Fajar Yanto

International Communication Class

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