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Our Values

Everyone who works at the “School of Life and Wellness” has the same values. That's the reason why we were able to get this project together and run the same way.
Our values ​​are:
Continuous learning: the world is changing very fast, so for us, it is important to constantly learn new advances in various fields, to progress and renew ourselves.
Coherence in our life: working on our interests and walking every day to build a worthwhile life, taking action directed at our values.
Freedom: being able to make the decisions we really choose and do what we really want to do, even if it's not an easy way.
Equality of opportunity: we strongly believe in equality of gender, culture, race, or religion.
Mental Health Care: we normalize and promote mental health care for everyone, including us.
Support and Empathy: we love to work together on projects and we are aware of the importance of helping people achieve fulfilled lives and psychological health. We are all aware of the difficulties people can face in their lives.
Cultural exchange: we think that knowing and connecting with different cultures is a good way to develop and grow ourselves.

About Us

We are an international team from Europe and Asia. Each of us is an experienced professional in our field regarding the services we offer. We offer self-development support services, international communication, and mental health therapy to help you achieve a meaningful life, of course, to help you achieve your dreams in life through psychological approaches including analytical psychology and psychological therapists as well as other supporting skills such as communication skills, language, and business management skills.


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We are an international team from Europe and Asia. Each of us is an experienced professional in our field.

Alejandra García-Ochoa Mora

Sanitary Psychologist, Personal Coach, and Language teacher

Ana Castellano

Language teacher

Imro’atul Husna Afriani

Language teacher

Seni Soniansih

Communication & Broadcast Teacher

Dashen Allen

Mental Health & Language teacher

Saiful Anwar

Language teacher

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"By joining the SLW class, I feel more confident in speaking English, even though I am still not fluent.. "

Tegar Dymnastiar

International Communication Class

The material is good, the presenter is very professional, learning is very fun

Danang Dwi Gusti Fajar Yanto

International Communication Class

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