Frequently Asked Questions:

SLW (School of Life and Wellness) is a platform that moves to combine the concept of learning interests and talents with a psychological approach
For all of you who want to develop themselves in career, study, and business for a better and more meaningful life
  • 1. International communication is very important for you to access opportunities in this era of globalization
  • 2. Self-mapping and career development are very useful to understand the right job for you and what skills you need to develop according to your talents and interests
  • 3. Life Planning, Our life is very important, of course, it requires clear planning regarding your life and the studies you need
  • 4. Business development is for those of you who want to become entrepreneurs. Our experts come from business professionals who are ready to mentor you to go international
  • 5. Psychological Support and Mental Health Therapy, Sometimes life is full of challenges, and stress is human. Well, here you can get psychological support and mental health therapy to make your mind stronger to face the challenges of the times, of course, make your mental health healthier so you can find meaning in life.

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