International Communication Class

Every child and teenager has hope to be able to realize their interests. But they also have obstacles in realizing their hopes or ideals. Children and adolescents face problems because of the gap between expectations and reality that exist in realizing their true talents and interests. They are the generation that needs to get attention and get the best treatment from the surrounding environment so that they are able to realize expectations. When children and teenagers are able to realize expectations, then they will find it easier to self-actualizing and can contribute in a healthy manner in daily life.

Being able to communicate is one of the most important human abilities. We learn how to do it when we are kids. We observe people and imitate their behavior. However, there are some attitudes and talents that are difficult to learn by observation alone and are useful for certain training, for example when we are speaking in front of a large group of people or talking about ourselves in a group. At times like these, it is normal to feel embarrassed, but if we don't know how to manage it, it can get in the way and hurt us. This difficulty is even worse when speaking in a foreign language that is not our native language. Today, English is an international language. Speaking English gives us freedom as an opportunity to travel around the world, develop our careers and be able to understand other cultures. That's why our English Program focuses not only on language skills but also on the communication, empowerment, and self-confidence of our students. Often, learners know the grammar rules, but they cannot speak because of fear, embarrassment, or possible failure. However, the only way to overcome these difficulties is to face them. Our program combines language education and psychology to meet all the needs involved in the language learning process. Psychology, education, and language professionals participated in creating this program, and we focus on developing participation, practice, and feelings of self-efficacy.

SLW (School of Life and Wellness) is a mobile platform for combines the concept of learning interests and talents with a psychological approach. SLW helps children and adolescents to be able to highlight the necessary self-competencies to be developed with a psychological approach, so that they can develop one's potential naturally, not by coercion or pseudo-validation only. SLW has several programs that focus on (1) the development of communication and public speaking skills, (2) psychological self-development, (3) and other development programs

SLW has four main objectives in implementing this program, namely:
1. Building a skills learning system, especially in abilities Public Speaking and English with a psychological approach
2. Appreciate each student's learning process according to the development they
3. Students are able to develop skills naturally
4. Promotes mental health and builds skills for developing psychological well-being

Areas of improvement
1. Shyness and embarrasment management
2. Self esteem: Dare to be different, our culture and accent is unique
3. Non-verbal comunication
4. Comunication skills
5. English language training and practice: Speaking, Listening different accents, Reading and Writting.
6. Social skills

We work in online groups of 10 to 20 people and develop participants in the area of skill development using andragogy learning methods based on communication science, English, and psychological techniques in learning.
In general, we use two learning techniques in this program, namely
Educational techniques: Listening and Reading comphension, develop conversations, create writings.
Psychological techniques: positive reinforcement, exposition, emotions awareness and management, values commitment, defusion, motivation

The curriculum in SLW learning is student-based that connects students' interests, talents, and skills with life. Have a good study

Advance Private class (Teacher from Spain or UK) Time : 45 Minute Seat : 10
Advance Reguler class (Teacher from Spain or UK) Time : 45 Minute Seat : 20
Basic Private Class (Teacher From Indonesian,Spain,UK) Time : 45 Minute Seat : 10
Basic Reguler Class (Teacher From Indonesian,Spain,UK) Time : 45 Minute Seat : 20

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