Non-Clinical Mental Health Mentoring


Private Zoom Meeting

Season 60 minute

Language : English / Spanish



Mental Health Mentoring has consultation sessions with trained & experienced mentors to solve daily problems, such as friendship, work, love, interests, self-knowledge, anxiety & future.
  • You can talk to a trained Mentor.
  • Together, find solutions to existing problems.
  • Find a solution through a worksheet created according to your problem.
  • Get to know yourself better.
Mental Health Mentoring takes care of NON-CLINICAL problems such as friendship, work, romance, interests, family problems, self-identification, and future. Mental Health Mentoring provides technical direction and direction Such as self-reflection or creating an action plan. Mental Health Mentoring is handled by a trained Mentor with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and/or Master of Clinical Psychology. Mental Health Mentoring does not provide a diagnosis Check our Mentors : Alejandra GarcĂ­a-Ochoa Mora Dashen Allen


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