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Per class 1 student

Language : English / Spanish / Indonesia

Mentors from UK, Spain, Indonesia
Learn languages and cultures from various countries



Being able to communicate is one of the most important abilities of human beings. We learn how to do it when we are children. We observe our society and imitate the behavior. However, there are some attitudes and aptitudes that are difficult to learn just by observation and it is using specific training, for example, when we talk in front of many people or talk about ourselves in a group. In these moments it is normal to feel shy, but if we do not know how to manage it, it can block and harm us. This difficulty is even worse when it comes to talking in a foreign language that is not our mother tongue. Nowadays, English is the international language. Speaking English gives us freedom as the opportunity to travel all around the world, develop our careers,s and be able to understand other cultures. That`s why our English Language Program is focused not only on the expertise of the language but on the communication, empowerment, and sense of self-efficacy of our students. Frequently, learners know the grammatic rules, but they are not able to talk because of fears, shyness, or the possibility of failure. Nevertheless, the only way to overcome this difficulty is to face them. Our program combines language education and psychology in order to attend to all needs that the process of learning a language includes. Professionals of psychology, education, and languages participate to create this program, and we are focused on developing the participation, practice, and self-efficacy feeling. We will contact you after you buy the service in order to schedule our meeting. We are flexible and we adapt ourselves to your availability. Check Our Expert


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