Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Private Zoom Meeting

Season 60 minute

Language : English / Spanish



Do you feel like you are starting to lose control of your life? Maybe you feel like your problems are starting to interfere with many aspects of your life. Or even, could your problems cause you to harm yourself or others? Consult us Counseling is a one-on-one consultation service with One Percent Psychologists to address life problems that interfere with daily life and endanger oneself or others. Signs you need counseling with a psychologist: Self-harm or self-harm such as low self-esteem, thoughts of self-harm, appetite disorders Hurt or harm others, such as Difficulty controlling emotions to violence against others Disrupts daily life such as not being able to sleep so it is difficult to focus on work, loss of appetite, physical pain Counseling is intended for users with CLINICAL problems (eg trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar, sexuality problems). Counseling services provide more in-depth assessment and specific therapy if needed. Clinical counseling services are handled by a psychologist who is a graduate of the clinical psychologist profession. Counseling services Provide in-depth diagnosis and the best solution in recovery from mental injury experienced Check out our psychologists: Alejandra Garchia Ochoa Mora


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